Qualcomm QCC5141 | Independent DAC AK4332 | New-gen TWM technology

96kHz/24bit Hi-res wireless | High-capacity charging case | Wireless charging

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  Earphones are not included.

Bluetooth 5.2

96kHz/24bit Hi-Res audio support

Thanks to the Snapdragon sound suite of technologies, you can truly experience wireless high-resolution sound no matter what you are doing. Support for aptX adaptive allows you to listen to 96kHz/24-bit high-resolution audio all with lower latency. And aptX voice enables 32kHz super wideband voice calls for true high-definition calls over Bluetooth.

Unprecedented true wireless receiver with independent DAC

The UTWS5 is the first true wireless receiver utilizing an independent AK4332 DAC. Compared to the previous generation, the amplifier of the UTWS5 has a lower noise floor, high signal-to-noise ratio, and higher output power by 40%!

Truly unshackled wireless charging

The charging case not only has an enormous 800mAh battery that can provide up to 30 hours of battery life, but is also capable of wireless charging – for the ultimate convenience of true freedom from cables.


 a battery life

3 to 4

3-4 charges

**This product does not include a wireless charger. 


total battery life

No pressure from its light weight

Every last detail has been engineered to give you more comfort.

Reaching new heights with Bluetooth

Flagship Qualcomm QCC5141

One must continue to challenge one's self to continually set new bars of excellence. The Qualcomm QCC5141 in the UTWS5 brings two major upgrades compared to the previous generation QCC3020. Not only does the QCC5141 bring a significant leap in decoding high-resolution music, it also brings a significant improvement to calls with support for aptX Voice high-definition voice technology.

Qualcomm's third-gen TWS Mirroring as utilized on the UTWS5 effectively reduces latency and instability for a better experience. Unlike TWS+, TWS Mirroring allows for seamless switching between being connected to the main and secondary ear units. This allows for a greater compatibility with various Bluetooth devices, all with lower latency and more reliable connections.

Third-gen TWS mode

Lower latency and more reliability

Compared to the previous generation, the UTWS5 now features 32 levels of volume adjustment instead of 26 levels to let you more precisely set how loud you want your audio.

High marks for more adjustable levels

The included charging case not only features a sturdy aluminum construction to better protect your earphones, but also sports a large capacity to accommodate a greater variety of earphones attached to the UTWS5 – making it more convenient for charging, pairing, switching, and other operations.

Give your earphones a more secure home

The UTWS5 is not a case of form over function. The attractive large tactile button not only looks and feel better than ordinary buttons, but has also been engineered for improved responsiveness and reduce false touches. With simple taps, you can quickly access the controls you want.

Every touch carefully designed

Ultra-sensitive, large buttons

Through either the FiiO Control or FiiO Music apps, you can adjust channel balance and other audio options. Continued firmware updates pushed through the app, as well as updates to the app itself will ensure a stable user experience for years to come.

Remarkably convenient apps

With an IPX4 rating, no need to worry about the UTWS5 being damaged by water or sweat as you go about your life.

With its own invisible raincoat

IPX4 water resistance

*IPX4 rated as determined by passing rigorous testing in FiiO Labs.

Take it wherever you go


UTWS5 Working Process

The UTWS5 can be connected to two mobile phones at the same time. Just pause music on one of the mobile phones, and freely switch to the other one to listen to music or answer a call.

Connect to two devices simultaneously via Bluetooth
Switch to either device you want

The PEQ (Parametric Equalizer) function was designed for the FW5, which supports 10-band self-defined tuning. On the FiiO Music App or the FiiO Control App, users can self adjust the frequency, gain level, Q value, etc., achieving more accurate frequency response among every frequency range while ensuring high-fidelity sound quality. Also, it supports up to 192kHz/24bit under PEQ style.

10-band PEQ precise tuning
Born for good sound