Mini desktop amp | 550mW high power | Dual CS43131 DACs

Dual 8262 op-amps | PCM 384kHz/32bit | DSD256

3.5+4.4 dual outputs | App connectivity | SPDIF output

Ambient light window

*Pictures are for reference only. The actual product may vary.

Portable DAC and Headphone Amplifier

Selling points

Mini desktop amp

Special desktop mode,

balanced output power  up to 550mW

A golden combination

Dual CS43131 DACs

+ Dual 8262 op-amps

 High resolution, highly detailed

Supports PCM 384kHz/32bit

and DSD256

3.5+4.4 dual outputs

Meeting your usage needs

Supports APP connectivity

For selecting filters and other functions

SPDIF output

Transforms into a mini digital interface

RGB ambient light window

Find out the sampling frequency with just a glance

Hi-Res Audio certified

Guaranteed sound quality

From the portable desktop-level unit M17, the portable desktop-grade DAC and amp Q7, to the more portable yet desktop-capable M15S, audiophiles’ warm reactions to these  models prove many love desktop-level audio gear. After being successfully applied to the three high-end models, the desktop mode will now  evolve and be applied to audio dongles. The FIIO KA13 mini desktop amp features a  desktop mode to fully unleash its performance. Let us show you what dongles can do, reaching  the incredible heights of desktop-level gear.

Dual cores A golden combo

With two high-performance yet highly efficient CS43131 DAC chips and two low-noise SGM8262 op-amps, this truly “dual-core” golden combo brings excellent performance. Rediscover your music collection again full of newly discovered details with the KA13.

Mini desktop amp Big performance

The KA13 features a desktop mode, which the engraved lightning bolt logo hints at. In desktop mode, balanced output power goes up to 550mW, allowing the KA13 to drive both low and high-impedance headphones with excellent dynamics and detail.

High-res decoding

Higher detail

With support for 32bit/384kHz PCM and DSD256, the KA13 despite its tiny size is capable of highly-detailed sound. Hear the details and get a better look into your music.

Dual outputs Thanks to real progress

The KA13 not only manages to fit a 3.5mm single-ended headphone out, it also manages to pack a 4.4mm balanced headphone out. FIIO engineers repeatedly adjusted the design of the KA13 and finally managed to fit two headphone outputs in the compact dongle, marking true progress in packaging capabilities.

3.5mm single-ended headphone out

4.4mm balanced headphone out

*3.5mm interface supports SPDIF output. After turning on SPDIF output through the FIIO Control app, you can convert USB audio signals to coaxial SPDIF signals to connect to external DACs in other audio setups.

Included adapter cables Compatibility with multiple platforms

The KA13 features a detachable cable design. When combined with the included Type-C and Lightning adapter cables, you can listen with various systems * without having to immediately purchase another cable.


*Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices

RGB ambient light window A new window into music

The RGB ambient light window not only looks good,    but also lets you quickly know the sampling frequency    of your audio – letting you feel the charm of a device “Born For Music.”

PCM≤48kHz:Light blue



*RGB ambient light window can be turned off through the FIIO Control app on Android devices.

All functionality All in the App

The KA13 supports being controlled with the FIIO Control app. With the app, you can set the RGB lights, SPDIF output, audio filters, etc. for a more convenient experience.


*FIIO Control app’s control over KA13 only supported on Android devices

An aggressive style Yet also looking forward

The front of the CNC metal body features unique lines, while the rear contains exquisite texture, for an aggressive yet futuristic look. The KA13 is also soft to the touch, for greater comfort every time you use it.

*KA13’s front-panel glass features an anti-scratch film

*KA13 buttons, short press to adjust volume, long press to switch tracks

Two elegant colors Adding a dash of liveliness

Midnight black: Pure calm elegance.

Dawn silver: Cool, yet vibrant color.

Many ways to use

Connect to phones

Connect to computers

Connect to tablets

SPDIF out to connect to external DAC

Basic specifications

Colors: Midnight black, Dawn silver

DAC chip: CS43131*2

Op-amp chip: SGM8262*2

Supported audio formats (up to): 384kHz/32bit,

DSD256 USB connector: Type-C USB2.0

Dimensions: About 56.3*22*10.5mm

Weight: About 18.5g (excluding cable)

Output power 1: L+R≥170mW+170mW  (32Ω single-ended/THD+N<1%)

Output power 2: L+R≥550mW+550mW  (32Ω balanced/THD+N<1%)

SNR 1: ≥123dB (32Ω/A-weighted/single-ended)

SNR 2: ≥122dB (32Ω/A-weighted/balanced)

Noise floor: PO<1.7μV (A-weighted);

BAL<3.1μV (A-weighted) Output impedance 1: <1.7Ω (32Ω load/single-ended)

Output impedance 2: <1.8Ω (32Ω load/balanced)

THD+N: <0.0005% (32Ω/single-ended)

THD+N: <0.0005% (32Ω/balanced)

Abundant accessories

①  ------------------------------------------------------ KA13 * 1

② --------------------------------- Type-C to Type-C cable*1

③ ------------------------------ Type-C to Lightning cable*1

④ ---------------------------------- Type-C to USB-A cable*1

⑤ ------------------------------------------------------ Manual*1 

⑥ ---------------------------------------------- Warranty card*1