Pure beryllium diaphragm 12mm large dynamic driver | Exclusive color scheme Stainless steel MMCX connectors| 3 interchangeable sound tubes Semi-open acoustic design | Front acoustic prism High purity monocrystalline pure silver cable

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Miraculous comfort with

volcanic fields

The ingenious "volcanic field" system developed by FiiO takes advantage of how sound waves work to noticeably improve its sound. The "volcanic field" reduces standing waves and distortion, and overall improves the diffusion of bass waves in the FD7. In addition, the FD7's semi-open design relieves pressure on the ear for more comfortable listening. All of this technology is wrapped in a beautiful design.

Fast as lightning with the help

of a front acoustic prism

Close to the pure beryllium driver in the FD7 is an acoustic prism system that addresses issues that come with the time delay between different sound waves. It effectively changes and precisely controls the way sound waves travel through the FD7 to enhance how high frequency waves propagate and to ensure audio phases are correct.

The FD7 comes standard with a high-purity monocrystalline pure silver cable in Litz braided style. 4 large strands in a total of 224 wires are braided together in one cable. The wire sheath is made of environmentally friendly medical grade TPU to resist against yellowing after long-term use and against stiffening when in low-temperature environments. And it comes with twist-lock interchangeable audio plugs for the 2.5/3.5/4.4mm sizes for ultimate convenience.

Pure experience with silver

*Interchangeable audio jack is officially licensed from the patent by FABRILOUS

The color scheme exclusive to the FD7 hints at its grand audio prowess, evoking ancient Chinese landscape paintings with a river of gold flanked by vast black mountains created by bold ink brushstrokes. And like master painters who use their years of accumulated experience to create such magnificent paintings, behind the FD7 is a culmination of the years of engineering experience to create an equally breathtaking soundscape. The FD7 isn't just a remarkable piece of art – it's thoroughly capable of creating art itself with its remarkably delicate and refined sound.


Master of the arts,

 FD7 exclusive color scheme 

Hear its thunderous roar

The new 12mm pure beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver, due to beryllium  being 4 times more rigid than steel while only weighing ¼ as much as titanium, has 3 times the transient performance compared to titanium drivers for lightning-like  speed and thunderous explosive sound.


Angled MMCX connectors,

achieve maximum wearing comfort

The cable of the FD7 was designed with angled expanded MMCX connectors which went through many ergonomic iterations and improvements in order to achieve maximum wearing comfort.

The FD7 comes standard with three pairs of interchangeable sound tubes, each with a different inner diameter for different sounds.

Red tube-- boosts bass, achieves deeper insertion in ear canals when working with bi-flange or triple-flange ear tips

Black tube-- presents detailed treble with high resolution Green tube-- presents great treble details in every music note

* The black tubes were pre-installed on the earphone units. Other tubes are included in the package.


Multiple flavors with

interchangeable sound tubes 

 black    green    red

The FD7 is Hi-Res Audio certified, reflecting its ability to beautifully restore rich musical details in a highly realistic soundscape.

Hi-Res Audio certified

Balanced ear tips*3 pairs (SML), Bass ear tips*3 pairs (SML), SpinFit ear tips*3 pairs (SML), Triple-flange ear tips*2 pairs (SL), Vocal ear tips*3 pairs (SML), Foam ear tips*2 pairs, Cleaning brush*1, Carrying case*1, MMCX assist tool*1, User manual*1, Interchangeable sound tube*3 pairs, Magnetic cable organizer*1 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm interchangeable audio plugs*1 set 4-stranded 224-core high-purity pure silver cable*1

Extensive set of